Upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012!

We upgrade your SQL Server while your employees run your business.

Keep the Lights On

Your full time employees are subject matter experts; they know how to run your business. Keep them engaged with your business while we upgrade your database servers. We can train your junior team members on how to migrate your server, if your senior people are busy.

Test, Test, Test

We believe in testing everything before deployment. We can setup a complete lab environment, on site or in the cloud. Then we can do a complete walk-through of the upgrade process together. Whatever your needs are, we can make arrangements. This way we can test your server migration multiple times before going live.


We provide complete documentation of each SQL Server that we deploy. With screenshots of all installations. Also to aid in validation, we document the configurations on your old server, so that we can ensure everything was done right

Team Work

We are here to help. We are not trying to replace anyone on your team. We are trying to get you unto a recent version of SQL Server. That's it.

Platform Migration

SQL Server may not be the only database, but its the only database we are going to put you on. If you started out on MySQL or Oracle and its not working out for you. Let us know, we will migrate you to SQL Server, and facilitate your team testing that everything still works.

Requirements Gathering & Planning

We determine your needs and document them in simple non-technical language. We don't produce a book; just a simple list of the goals we are trying to accomplish so together we can deliver on those needs.


We do a thorough upgrade analysis of each SQL Server. We provide you a documentation of all issues discovered, and at this point we estimate project duration and pinpoint potential trouble areas and a plan to deal with them.


We perform test migrations. This gives us a chance to walk-through the entire process of migrating your SQL Server Instances and testing everything. At the end of this process we have clear step-by-step check-list covering who does what and when, along with contact numbers for each team member and a deployment schedule.


Upon having final approval from you. We use our deployment check-list. At this point we follow the same plan which we have executed multiple times, and move your server into production


After deployment, we provide on-going support for whatever time is agreed upon. We recommend at least two weeks of support, so that your people are comfortable with our implementation and have the support

Trend of Interest in SQL Server Versions Over Time

Trend of Interest in Database Platforms Over Time